Long are the days of just doing it “good enough”.  At Cathodic & TEG Solutions Inc. our goal is to ensure that the clients Integrity needs are met and or exceeded.   But this can only be accomplished by providing morals, ethics and integrity to earn trust and respect.  Only from there can we be the preferred supplier of what we offer.

We are not “reading takers”.  We evaluate data gathered by the most practical means.  Our purpose is to communicate effectively so reasonable integrity solutions can be implemented to assist in protecting the product carrying assets of our clients.

Do we know everything?  …Who does?... We analysis each situation and determine the course of action required to provide the most accurate conclusions.  We are grateful to be associated with some the finest specialized people in the industry and are never afraid to call on and ask for assistance with complex delicate issues.  Education and training are never ending.

The best description I’ve ever heard explaining Cathodic Protection is “Cathodic Protection is a Science, it’s just not an exact Science”.  Many assumptions are made but that is where experience, education and communication contribute to help make the most precise decision in the best interest of providing integrity.

We use some wording probably not usually heard in the industry.  Words like “No we can’t do that.”  If we’re too busy and can’t provide the best service possible we are not going to accept work that will not be done in a timely manner.  We express the truth, and from that, trust is built.  

Words like “We are unsure but will find out.”  If we are not completely competent that the job can be performed by our staff, we’ll say so.  It may mean some knowledge needs to be gained on a certain situation.  Or it may mean we need to involve those that are experts in the specific topic.

Once again communication will be the key.

 This is for several reasons:

1. Two personnel crews are quicker.  Which creates a cost savings.

a. The junior technician is billed out at a much lower rate than the senior tech, as we feel the client should not pay for the training of the junior technician.

2. They usually consist of a junior and senior technician.  Which creates a good learning experience.  (Too many junior technicians are sent on their own to learn on their own and make mistakes on their own where the presence of the senior can save time and create a positive lasting education experience.)

3. “Two Heads are Better than One”, problem solving and labour intensive work is always more efficient with two people.  Which creates a cost savings.

4. The – Working Alone – polices can be avoided and obvious safety concerns are negated with the two person crew.

Benefits. For utilities, there are two choices: (1) install and maintain CP;    or      (2) periodically replace the utility when the leak failure rate becomes an operational (or financial) burden.

Properly installed and maintained cathodic protection systems dramatically reduce life cycle costs by indefinitely extending a utility's lifetime. They also reduce the government's potential liability from premature failure of utilities, such as gas line explosions and jet fuel leaks.

Environmental cleanup, transportation, and disposing of contaminated soil, monitoring requirements, and other costs connected to a "reportable" (over 3,785 litres [1,000 gallons]) leak can cost the government over one million dollars.

Notices of Violation (NOV) can carry stiff fines and penalties. CP is essential to maintaining any metallic structure in a corrosive environment at the lowest life cycle cost.

We try where applicable to utilize two personnel in the field

Welcome to Cathodic & TEG Solutons Inc.

Why is Cathodic Protection Important?

Cathodic Protection

We are a two person crew that has provided services to many clients in Western Canada

What services do we offer?

   - Surveys are complete with a detailed technical report

   - Reports typically include:

   - Data with GPS coordinates of where potentials were recorded and license numbers where applicable

           - Summary                                                      - Electrical Continuity

           - Project Details                                               - Electric Interferences

           - Criteria                                                          - Cased Crossings

           - Individual Section Discussions                        - Telluric Current

           - Cathodic Protection Equipment                       - Induced AC Potentials

           - Work Completed During Survey                      -  Recommendations            

           - Cathodic Protection Discussion                      - Electrical Insulation

- Utility / co-op Systems     -Gathering Systems

- Midstream Systems         -Transmission Systems

- Tank Farms                     -Aluminium Pipeline


Cathodic Protection Services

Cathodic Protection Evaluations

Thermal Electric Generators

- Current Requirement Testing

-Soil Resistively Testing

-Short/Fault Identification

- Repairs

- Maintenance

-Trouble Shooting

Anode Beds


AC Mitigation

- Installations                    -Trouble Shooting

  * Horizontal                    - Design

  * Shallow Well                - Asbuilts Drawings and

   * Deep Well                     GPS

- Maintenance

- Trouble Shooting

- Design

- Remote Monitoring and Interruption

- Investigations

- Design


Surveys are typically performed on a yearly basis as required

by the regulatory bodies

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Brad Simpson - Owner

Cathodic & TEG Solutions

About Us - Brad Simpson, Owner

With over 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry and over 10 years of experience in the Cathodic Protection Profession, Brad has extensive knowledge of the industry. From Instrumentation to Gas fitting to line locating to CP, there are many disciplines he has worked with.

Currently are contracted to perform the CP surveys, installations, and trouble shooting for AltaGas Utilities

- NACE Certified CP2 Technician – Cert # 5398

- Alberta Occupational Certificate - Cathodic Protection   Technician Level Two

- Journeyman Instrumentation Technician

- WHMIS, H2S Alive, Standard First Aid

- Industrial Instrumentation Technologist, SAIT

- NACE CP Level 3

- NACE CP Level 2

- NACE Basic Corrosion

- NACE Cathodic Protection Design

- NACE CP Theory & Data Interpretation

- Appalachian Underground Corrosion Short Course (Basic)

- Appalachian Underground Corrosion Short Course (Advanced)

- Good-All Rectifier School

- Electrical Work of Non-Electricians

- Thermal Electric Generator (2 day course)

- Gas Utility Operator

- Gas Fitting Courses (Gas II, Gas III, Gas IV)

Cathodic & TEG Solutions Inc.

Owner / Senior Technologist

E-MAC Corrosion Inc.

Senior Technologist

Alta West Cathodic Protection

Manager / Senior Corrosion Technologist

Cimarron Engineering Ltd.

Pipeline Integrity Technologist

Delta Controls

Instrument Mechanic

AltaGas Utilities

Corrosion Control Technologist

Gas Measurement Technologist

Utility Operator

Gas Meter Technician

Cathodic & TEG Solutions Inc.

Preform field work, reports, design, and installations of CP related work. Work with and train junior staff. Ensure constant and accurate communication with clients.

E-MAC Corrosion

Perform cathodic surveys, prepare reports and assist with bid packages. Surveys included large diameter transmission lines, gathering systems, midstream and tank farms. Installed several semi deep anode beds.

Alta West Cathodic Protection

Accepted starting position as Senior Technologist, within 2 years was moved to manager position. Scheduled worked for staff of seven. Perform safety meetings and communicate with staff and clients. Reviewed and prepared reports.

Cimarron Engineering Ltd.

Responsible for performing pipeline integrity fieldwork including, CP, ROW surveys and Tank Farms

AltaGas Utilities Ltd.

Obtained four levels of employment and responsibilities in a ten year time frame. Knowledge gained in the understanding of working with Aluminium Pipeline Systems, and the identification between anoded and anode-less risers.

Skills / Certificates


Employment History

Project Highlights

Services Cathodic & TEG Solutions Provides

Phone: 780-498-0941

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Email: bradsimpson@cathodicsolutions.com

Website:  www.cathodicsolutions.com